Mistreat Fighter


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Mistreat Fighter is a domestic 1v1 insult fighting game  where you don't use fists but a sharp tongue against your significant other.  Choose a side in the eternal battle between men's and women's ego and have the final say!

This game is made in 48 hours for the 2018 Game Maker's Toolkit game jam with the theme Genre without Mechanic. This means that no matter what genre we chose we were forbidden to use its core mechanic (for example: platformer without platforms, FPS without shooting, puzzle game without puzzles, etc.). Thus we made a fighting game where you're unable to fight. How do you deal damage? By making insults!





This game gathers inspiration from Monkey Island's classic insult sword fighting and tactical turn-based rpg card games such as Magic The Gathering. Your main goal in the game is to chose proper themes to argue about based on the mood of your opponent. Some of them deal a huge amount of damage if your enemy is angry but have no effect on a calm person and vice versa. The enemy will have a chance to defend himself witn an counter-argument. All attacks and defenses have a different impact on the mood of the characters.