Major Tom and the Radius of Outer Space

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Try out the tech demo of Major Tom

This is an educational point'n'click adventure game exploring the scientific boundaries of the world that surrounds us in a cosmic mash up of b-movie sci-fi setting and a cheesy superhero rip-off storyline. The major focus of the game is an experimental and intuitive educational approach (with the help of puzzle solving, exploration and storytelling), and keeping a fresh sense of humor with lots of references within the sci-fi genre and the pop culture (such as David Bowie, Nikola Tesla, 2001: A Space Oddyssey etc.)



All the features of the game have been made by zero attention span for several days during Soft Uni Tech Fest 2016 where it won first prize. The game continues to be in its tech demo phase and a full-lenght episode is yet to be developed in the near future. Until then you can explore the demo and tell me what do you think about it.

Some screenshots from the game: