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Several years me and my brother founded our own indie studio for developing board games and other analogue experiences (urban quests, treasure hunts, live-action games). So far we've successfully released the card game Codex: Storytelling game and are about to release our second game Who Shot The Sheriff.

You can find more about our studio on our official website.


Who Shot The Sheriff

Type:  Social Deduction

Players: 7-12

Lenght: 60min-90min

Difficulty: Medium


Watch the trailer of the game:


Who Shot The Sheriff is a social deduction role-playing game in the veins of Mafia and Werewolf set in a small old west town in the 19th century. Each player is secretly playing with a different character who has a certain alliegence (good, bad, neutral), time of activity (day, night) and an unique skill (The Surgeon cures from death, The Barkeeper neutralize a skill with a drink, The Mercenary kills during night, etc.). The game is turn-based and require a game master (The Reverend) who oversees and leads the game. Unlike other Mafia clones, this game offer an intense and diverse gameplay where each character has a special ability (no regular villagers) and the third neutral faction introduces a totally new tactical strategy for each player. 




We're organizing open live-action playthroughs of the game where we try to recreate the western atmosphere with costumes, props, lighting, acting and music. Oh, and there are pistols in the set.





Codex: Storyboard Game

Type:  Social, Storytelling

Players: 4-6

Lenght: 30-60min

Difficulty: Easy


Watch the trailer:



Codex is a party storytelling game in the veins of DiXit and Charades where players try to create sentences together with the help of picture cards. Each card must be described with a clue and all the clues must be linked together into a meaningful sentence. Players must guess the owner of every played card and in the same time work together to build an interesting story. 





The whole package includes:

104 picture cards + magic bag 

100% cotton game board

1 story card + eraseable marker

6 avatar tokens

18 wooden coin tokens

1 sticker

1 set of rules