Escape From VR

I worked on:    #gamedesign    #animation      #art    #sound design

This is an interactive and and totally avantgarde  web experience made on three.js in 48 hours for the Sofia Game Jam 2017 (and it won a third place). You take the role of Snake Plissken who has been trapped in an unforgiving virtual reality. His only option is to use his wits and ears (yes we're talking about solving a sound puzzle) in order to escape and save the day. In a way, this game is a racing simulator but you can only control your radio station. Due to the limited amount of in-game actions we also call it an adventure game. 



I won't lie to you. The game is a prototype. It's buggy. It's not even finished. And there's a 99% chance that you won't understand it. But if you're that persistent you can try it out here (but it'll probably crash).